Saturday, March 8, 2014

Informative Writing

I have a confession.  Informative writing is my least favorite thing to teach.  In an effort to make teaching it more fun as well as more fun for the kiddos to write, I needed a topic that would "capture" them. As is often the case, they make their interested well known.  After reading Clever Tom the Leprechaun

the kiddos were having a great discussion about how cool it would be if they could catch and trap a leprechaun.  Bingo!  I found my writing topic right there!  Thanks kids!  I looked all over to find just the right informative writing prompt with a spring thing that went beyond seeds and planting but I wasn't having any luck.  So I sat down in front of the computer and created my own informative/explanatory writing prompt that will be perfect for my first graders.  I have been noticing that the kiddos still need a lot of practicing using transitional words in their writing.  Informative/explanatory writing meets the Common Core Standards and it is something I will be reporting out on for our standards based report cards in a few weeks. So I'm getting some assessment done and they are having fun writing while doing it! This became my very first published product!  You can get this freebie in my store here

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