Monday, July 21, 2014

And it's not chicken nuggets...

    I have been waiting all summer to link up with 4th Grade Folics to do "Monday made it".  However, if it's not chicken nuggets I haven't been making it.  The truth is, I'm not all that crafty.  I have the creativity piece, just not the patience. Miraculously, I got tickled by the "crafty bug" because I was giving Martha Stewart a run for her money this weekend!

Labeled clothespins for student work- I found small clothespin chalkboard labels at Michael's Craft Store for $2.  I covered the boring clothespin part with green/white polka washi tape and wrote student names on the front with colored chalk.  I hot glued (o.k. see now? This is serious. I even whipped out the glue gun- for real) a thumbtack to the back of each clothespin.  I will use these to hold student work up on a classroom bulletin board.  I leave the same background and border up all year that color coordinate with my classroom.  Now all I will have to do is switch out the student work samples! This also ensures I include every student's work since the labels are already on the board.

Lesson Planner/Binder- Missy from Dirt Road Teacher makes these gorgeous lesson planner/binders.  When I saw that she had one in a blue/green nautical theme I just had to have it!  I printed out the pages and had it bound at Staples for $11.  That counts as a "made it," right?

Flower- I've saved the best for last!  I love this!  I found the idea on Pinterest and had to re-create it.

 Adorableness, right?  I found the green pail at Target for $1. I got the pom-pom ($7) and the dowel ($1) at Hobby Lobby. I placed a round Styrofoam ball into the pail.  I cut the dowel (actually I snapped it because as I said- I'm impatient and I didn't want to wait for my husband to saw it). Next, I painted the dowel green, and poked it into the pom-pom and the Styrofoam ball in the pail.  I cut out 4 green leaves from scrapbook paper and glued them onto the dowel. Lastly, I added artificial peat moss to the pail to cover up the Styrofoam. Wholla! 

This was so much fun I may have to pick up knitting or something just so I can link up again next week!

Happy Crafting!


  1. I was giggling at your last little bit about taking up knitting or something!!! Love the pom pom flower ball. I think I have one of those in my classroom, but I'm certain I did not make it. I need to go hunt that thing down!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Too fun! yay! I'm glad you got your craft on and linked up:)
    4th Grade Frolics

  3. I love your colors/theme! Too cute!
    (Kinder Korner)

  4. I love the flower! I think I would have snapped the dowel instead of waiting to have it cut, too!
    Fun in Room 4B

  5. Wait let me compose myself... You crack me up! I was dying. Chicken nuggets. So proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone. I love your name clips and tree. Keep up the good work.
    Take care, Amy

  6. LOL I was laughing during this post. :) I feel like Monday Made It really holds us accountable! Crafting a little here and there is good for the soul. Adorable flower...I just love it!

    Creativity to the Core

  7. I got some of those clothes pins from Michaels on clearance. My plan was to do the same thing! However I did not think about washi tape on the boring part!

  8. Love it!!! What kind of pom-poms are those?!

  9. I love the clothes pins! I need to go to Michael's to see if there are any left.
    The Traveling Teacher

  10. I love your flower! How cute is that? Are you keeping it at home or for your classroom?

  11. Thanks! I'm going to keep it in my classroom.

  12. So cute!!! I love your flower - I'll bet it looks great in your classroom!!
    Thanks for the great ideas and the inspiration!
    Kinderland Kuties

  13. Ooooo! Your flower would work in my classroom, too. I don't have a nautical theme, but my colors are navy, kelly and lime green. Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. I LOVE your flower. You are crafty in my eyes.

  15. Haha I love your 'made it's' ;) I think they're all valid, though! I LOVE the last one! And the tags are super cute :)

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

  16. That flower is so stinkin' cute! =o)
    One Happy Teacher