Saturday, August 9, 2014

High/Low Linky

High/Low is a weekly linky party in which we share our highs and lows for the week.  I have found that it's always easy to share the "highs."  However, when you share the "lows" you learn a lot.  I have been fortunate to find a group of wonderfully supportive teachers and bloggers who are always there for a kind word or advice when needed. I hope that you find the same. So without further is my week's highs and lows.  I hope you'll link up to share yours too!

 I have big news! Very big news!  I reached 300 followers on my Teacher's Pay Teachers store!  This has far surpassed the goal I set for myself which was to create and sell a product. Yup....a product. It makes me feel so good to think that I may be helping others!

To celebrate I am having a 20% sale in my store all weekend!

 Speaking of surpassing my goals on TPT-  I had hoped to have 20 products in my store by the end of the summer.  I am thrilled to have added my 23rd and most favorite product yet!

 My son is going into third grade. He really struggles in school with his ADHD and learning disability.  We have been working on these close reading passages together and he is doing really well.  Here are some examples:

 Another "high" this week has been the incredible success of our Favorite Thins for Back to School linky party and giveaway. Have you entered?  You could win $330 in Amazon vouchers, Sitspots, teacher tees, etc.  Click here   to enter we'd love it if you linked up to share your favorite back to school items.  You can do that by clicking on the picture below.

  Another wonderful "high" this week was that I was able to get into school and begin setting up my classroom!  I am using Schoolgirl Style's Preppy Nautical theme this year.  My color scheme every year is always blue and green but I just change the theme.  This way, I don't need to replace bins every year.

I got this idea for decorating my closet doors from Pinterest.  The paper, border, and poms are all from Schoolgirl Style.

This bulletin board will be used to display student work.  The clothespins with mini slates on them are from Michael's. I hot glued thumbtacks to the back of each clothespin.

I used Washi tape to cover the front of this ugly metal shelf.  This is where I store our Everyday Math Supplies.  Each table (I have 5 tables, 4 students per table) gets a bucket filled with community math supplies.  I matched the Washi tape that is on the shelf with the buckets and the labels are from Schoolgirl Style, as well as the lantern and anchor.  The frame is from The Dollar Tree.

These are my table signs.  The sign is from Schoolgirl Style and the frame was on clearance at Michael's.

This is my guided reading table.  The chairs I purchased from Target last year on clearance.  On the table, the green placements are vinyl. I purchased a roll of vinyl from Amazon.  Last year I used wipe off wall decals that were circle shaped.  I loved them! The kids could write on them with wipe-off markers and it came off really easily. They are rather pricey - $20 for 4.  This year I am experimeting with a roll of vinyl that I cut into 12 inch squares since it was much cheaper at $23 for a whole roll. I'm not sure yet if they are wipe-off...guess we'll find out!  We practice word blending, word families, etc on these.  Last year, I wrote "" (one word on each) for story retell practice.  The bulletin board behind my guided reading table is all Schoolgirl Style materials.  This will be our focus board. I bought some great products during the TPT sale that will be great for this board!

This is my reading area. The green folding chairs were $7 from Christmas Tree Shops. The 3 blue plastic chairs are from IKEA and were $7.  The word wall and welcome banner are from Schoolgirl Style. Yes...I know...I'm a little obsessed.  The green bucket in the corner holds stuffed animals for the kids to "read to."

This is another view from my reading area.  The tree was on clearance from Michael's and the lamp was $15 at Target.  I haven't cleaned and organized the books in the library yet.

This will be my writing area.  I'm still contemplating switching my reading and writing area so that my reading area will be in the corner and near a window but I haven't decided yet.  The letters that spell "READ" are from Hobby Lobby. I made the large flower, and the bins in the corner are from Christmas Tree Shops ($4) and hold pillows for quiet reading time.

Not bad for my first day in!  I can't wait to go back in!
My low this week was having to replace our television.  It's only 7 years old.  Really?!  But...with 3 boys, home for the summer with me- this was a necessity-not a need.  If you're a Mom I'm sure you're hearing me!

I love hearing from you!  Link up and leave a comment below.  It's always to great to hear from you!


  1. The theme of decorations is inspiring and making me itch to get back and my classroom and really coordinate this year.

    Thanks for hosting!
    Brynn Allison

  2. Thank you so much for another awesome linky!!! I just did a blog design for my customer Jennifer in the same theme as your classroom!!!

    1. Thanks so much, Kristy! It's been great having you link up!

  3. Love your classroom theme! Thanks for the opportunity to link up!

    1. Thanks so much, Tamelia! It's great to have you linking up!

  4. I love your classroom! So cute! My son is ADHD too so I feel your pain. So hard being a teacher and having a child who struggles in school!

    1. Hi Ruth, We should chat or email. I'd love to hear about your son and what you have done or not done that has helped. Thanks so much for linking up!

  5. I love your classroom!! It's so inviting! Congrats on surpassing your goals, too!

  6. Oh darn, Julie! I didn't get in on time. I did post a Hi/Low Linky article though. ...not sure if you can still upload it. If not, no worries!
    Hi/Lo Blogging & Great Dane Hives
    Best wishes!
    Jen ;)

    1. Hi Jen, You're all set! I fixed it so you could link up, Thanks for joining us