Saturday, August 16, 2014

High/Low Linky

    It's time for another high/low linky.  Each week, we post our highs and lows for the week.  Perhaps some of you are back to school.  How has the week been for you?  Link up and tell us about it!n  I'll start....

    Did you miss our last giveaway?  Well you are in luck!  My blogger friends and I that make up the "Primary Peeps" are having another giveaway in case you missed out on the last one or you were not a winner.  Consider it a second could win a gift certificate to Teachers Pay Teachers! Five winners will be chosen.  Those are great odds, folks! Who doesn't need a gift certificate right now before the school year begins?!  I am quickly going broke, I tell ya on all this back to school stuff I have been buying.  Enter below for your chance to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway

 My husband and I enjoyed a romantic dinner at The Melting Pot last night and it was heavenly.

I finished another product this week and I absolutely love it! I love dogs so this product is near and dear to me.

    I plan on doing a lot more close reading with my students this year as we begin shifting towards Balanced Literacy in my district.  Make sure to follow my blog if you are interested in close reading as I will be sharing a lot about my journey with it this school year. If you are interested in seeing more about these close reading products just click on the pictures to be taken to my store.

    Have you found any really great products on Teacher's Pay Teachers yet that just really knock your socks off?  Woah!  Let me tell you....I found Mel D of Seusstastic Classroom Inspriration and her incredible writing center product this week and I am in love! 

   I have no bulletin board space left for a writing center but she has an incredible idea.  Put your writing center idea/prompts in a binder for the kiddos to use and reference!  What?! It has changed my life people, for real.  I printed out the 185 page (yup!  185 pages!  How awesome is that?!) product after my family had gone to bed and rushed into school the next day to put it together.  Now all the writing idea/prompts are in sheet protectors in a binder with a folder that has all the copies of the writing sheets that go with it.  I have a sticky note on the master copy so I never run out.  I love the tons of writing ideas from text message, emails, cards, notes, books, postcards and more!  She even has a Facebook post writing prompt!  I love that I can keep it all in a binder without pages of paper everywhere because it makes me nutty unhappy when the lined paper gets put in the same bin as the plain paper, or when the ant writing prompt pages are in the same bin with the "If I had a pet dinosaur" pages.  Because as you know...without fail...I'm in the middle of one of my guided reading groups when I hear "Mrs. Pettersen, there aren't any more ant writing papers!".  Not anymore....

Pop over SeussTasttic Classroom Inspiration for a ton more pictures of this fabulous product and an explanation of how she uses this not only as a writing center packed with ideas, but also as a great organizational tool in her classroom. 
 So I'm blaming the kiddos for my low of the week, no matter what my husband says. I'm convinced Minecrap Minecraft is responsible for the advertising virus that keeps popping up every 10 seconds on this computer, making a 10 minutes project feel like a 10 hour one.  Usually, my husband can fix just about anything computer related and this time even he is stumped.  I say this is reason number 5,749 why I need my own laptop.  Don't you?

What have your highs and lows been this week?  Are you back to school?  How is it going?  And if you aren't back yet, how are you spending your final days.  I love to hear from you!

Please link up to share your highs and lows of the week.  We love hearing fron you!


  1. I love the melting pot! My hubs and I had our rehearsal dinner there and our first anniversary dinner there and will be planning to go for our 2nd anniversary dinner in a few months! So YUMMY! I love the look of your close reading packs (Especially the dogs...I love Dogs)- I won't have a group to use them with this year - but I think I'll add them to my wishlist so I can find them again easily when I will have a need for them!

  2. I love the photographs you included with both of your close reading products. Where do you get them? or do you take them yourself?

    1. Hi Brynn, the are from Dollar photo club. You pay $10 a month for 10 photos and then they are $1 a piece after that.