Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday Made it- Yipee!

I'm just giddy over here. Downright slap happy. You know it's summer when..... (cue the drumroll)....
Tara from 4th Grade Folics launches her annual "Monday Made It" linky.  I believe she has the linky monthly during the school year but I'm only somewhat creative in the summer when I have more time.
This is my first Monday participating since last summer because summer didn't begin until 3:25 this past Thursday for me. But now that summer has begun for me this is what I'm doing...

Riiiighht. Well, not exactly. I have 3 kids. Let's keep it real. But it does mean that regardless- I do have more time on my hands. So without further ado...with that extra time, so far I have accomplished this:

I love Americana décor. A friend had found the bunk bed ladder at a yard sale and painted it a greenish color for me since I was unclear how I was going to use at the time (our house was under construction). Then I found the pic below on Pinterest from Especially for you Home Décor and had an "aha" moment.

I would like to say that I sanded the ladder and spent hours making this but I didn't. I simply re-painted it with a semi-gloss white paint and waited a few hours for it to dry (because I'm really impatient).
I found the flag at a local hardware store for $14 and wrapped it around the ladder and tied it with jute string (raffia would probably look better but I didn't have any in the house).  I had some fake (don't judge) greenery that I had laying around that I had bought from Michael's and weaved it around the jute string and the rungs of the ladder and called it a day. 
Now I have an adorable Americana decoration for my front porch to enjoy this summer when I'm sipping wine on the front porch with my book.

It's 8:00 AM. I'm supposed to take my son to school at 8:15 and realize he has no gift tag or card to accompany his gifts for his teachers.  Ooops!  Do you use your clipart to make your own gift tags? I never really thought of it before. I just purchase it to make TpT stuff. But this morning, in 10 minutes, I  designed, printed, and added a tag to the gift bag by 8:12.  Phew! 
Thank you Educlips, 3AM Teacher and, Kimberly Geswein fonts for saving me in my final hours!

When I recover from the school year I'm hoping to have some more creativeness to share.  Right now, I'm still in my PJ's (yup...dropped my son off to school while wearing them).

Have you shared your creativity?  Give it a whirl. I's a ton of fun and you'll get a lot of great ideas from the 4th Grade Folics "Monday Made It" linky 

Have an awesome summer....because you can!

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