Saturday, October 17, 2015

Conquer the Chaos of Dismissal

FREE. Use as a visual for students to remember the procedures for dismissal

Dismissal.  Just the word makes me cringe.  It is always the most one of the most chaotic parts of the day.

After much reflecting on how to make the end of the day go smoother I now have an action plan in place that has been working well in my classroom.

Having a visual as a reminder of expectations has helped students remember the process for packing up and preparing for dismissal. I project this on the SMARTboard just before we begin packing up and leave it up the whole time. I do see many students look up and use it as a reference.

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Students store all their mail of notices and work they have completed during the day in baskets that are located in their cubbies. This helps keep things organized.

I call students one at a time to get their mail out of their cubbies.  They place it into their student binders that look like this:

Teach students how to organize their paperwork.

The folders are labeled by subject.  There is also a folder labeled "notices." With this organizational system in place, parents can clearly see what is homework and notices are not crumpled up and scrunched up at the bottom of the backpack. Not like THAT ever happens.

Do you have a dismissal plan that works out well in your classroom? I love hearing from you!

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